The first time I attended a session and learned God's will for my body and to stay a virgin until my wedding night, I broke up with my 19 year old boyfriend who was asking me to have sex. I chose to keep my viginity until I'm married.



After these sessions with WSF, I have witnessed 90% of sexually involved teenagers pledge chastity and choose secondary virginity-abstinence until their wedding night.


Sherry (Adult)

I appreciate my parents more. They love me enough to protect me and guard my life with truth and support seminars that help me not compromise the Word of God.



Sessions are fun, captivating, and effective. Phyllis really holds the interest of the daughters. She is annointed to teach such a timely message. Mothers marvel and only wish that someone would have taught them how to recognize and avoid situations that have devastaiting consequences.



Thank you Ms. Phyllis Marshall for helping our young ladies to make the right choices. We just wanted you to know that we appreciate you, and thank God for the work that you are doing for our young ladies. We will continues to advise our friends and family to take advantage of your seminars. It is so important that our young ladies learn to appreciate themselves and realize that god has a plan for each of them. You are providing them with the skills to make the right choices. Thank you and thank God for your seminars.



Rachel and All Parents


Dear Phyllis,

Hello! How are you doing? I am writing this letter to thank you for having that abstinenece class. I enjoyed it so much. I want to come again!

I have learned to have a closer relationship with God, and a farther relationship with boys! My best friend and I are definitely going to try to come to the May session. Thank you so much Ms. marshall for putting a huge impact on my life.




Dear Phyllis,

How are you? I really don't know how to begin this letter, but you really helped and inspired e. When you came and talked to our school, you were speaking words of wisdom and knowledge.

Ms. Marshall, when you spoke, it was like there was no one else in the room but me. You spoke to where I was almost in tears! I was like that because you were talking about some true and serious issues. After that meeting, you turned my whole life around mentally, and physically for the good!

Ms. Marshall, I hope that you read this letter personally. Please send me the newsletter every month.



N. Jones(age 17)

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