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QUESTION: If I have had sex before can I stop now and still be a virgin in God's eyes?

ANSWER: YES. YES. YES. God restores and redeems our lives from destruction. If you have already opened God's gift to marriage, your virginity, be encouraged. God wants you to repent, and accept His forgiveness and cleansing.

"But if we confess our sins to Him, He can be depende on to forgive us and cleanse us from every wrong. {And it is perfectly proper for God to do this for us because Christ died to wash away our sins}. 1 John 1:9 LB

You can choose to close the door of fornication and be restored to a virgin state before God-Pure and Chaste. You can receive the Glory of Virginity and from this moment on live pure and clean. On your marriage night God will honor you as His Virgin Daughter. Your sin He removes from you as far as the east is from the west. God is for you. He is your help. Receive it.


QUESTION: When a guy says "I love you", what does it mean?



ANSWER: Natasha, I will answer this question in generality and assume that the guy is also a teenager. "I love you" can mean many different things to different guys at this age:

> I love you a whole lot (right now)

> I love you now when we're together but not forever. forever is a long way off

> I like you a whole lot (so lets keep going together and see if it turns to love)

> I love you as a friend (but not as a date so lets break up)

> I love you so I can make out or have sex with you_I'm really only using you for sex

> I love you (forever): this "I love you", is the big one usually reserved for marriage

> I love you as my sister in christ


Ask the guy what the " I love you" mean. keep in mind that love will never lead you into sin. Love protects. Study 1 Corinthians 13 and ask the Holy Spirit to bring it alive in you.

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